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National Park Monti Sibillini

A land of fairies, necromancers and all sorts of other horror stories, that i show the sibillini were depicted in the XV-XVI century in Europe. They were the kingdom of the mythical ancient seer Sibilla Cumana.

A lovely woman, yet some believed she was “associated with the devil”. This is the area where the “Demonic lake of pilato” was supposed tobe, where the tradition tells us Ponzio Pilato disappeared, dragged around by a herd of buffalos.

A world of fantasy and wilderness, that has always given inspiration to the fears and dreams of many famous writers. Andrea da Barberino in “Guerrin Meschino” in1409, wrote about the brave warrior in search of his ancestors The french writer Antonine de La Salle or Hermelin that called the Monte della Sibilla the Venusberg, because it hosted Vulcano’s wife and some dark spirits.

Really, the Sibillini mounts are just a limestone rock mountain with more than twenty peaks above 2000 meters high..

Seventy thousand hectars, 18 municipalities, of wich 13 have their main town within the National park, a population of over 16.000, natural and historical- architectural beauties of international value: this is the Monti Sibillini National Park.

A park full of medieval towns and villages with relevant monuments and places of historical and architectural relevance. Among those, the town of Visso, the sanctuary of Macereto; the church and square of San Benedetto in the centre of Norcia; the San Eutizio Abbey in Preci, the old castle walls in Montemonaco; the extraordinarily well preserved historical towns of Montefortino and Amandola; the XIII century fortification of Arquata del Tronto.

A park that holds all the traditional values, building a strong cultural , historical and environmental identità, a basis for a rational and lng standing development of the area.

For information on the Monti Sibillini Nationla Park e-mail us at mailto:info@norciafood.it