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T The Accademia della Crusca, an institution that holds true knowledge of the Italian language, has the following definition for Norcineria: “The art of processing and conserving pork meat, typical of the so called Norcini artisans, originally from the town of Norcia in Umbria” The Norcinerie, the places where this meat processing is done, are now all over the place, and have taught the art of making those pork meat product to people of different nations.

We will just try to offer you the real and authentic Norcia products; while you are comfortably sitting at your computer.
We are applying new technologies to the most authentic Norcia tradition.
Different types of ham and meat products, such as Prosciutti, Spalle, Lonze or Capocolli, pork or wild boar sausages, Salami Coralline, liver sausages, or even the famous Coppa, which is not a salami as someone in other parts of Italy may tell you, it is actually a fine mixture held together by meat gelatin, made with rind and meat coming from pork heads. Different kinds of cheese, such as Pecorino, Ricotta salata, Caciotta, Caprino (goat cheese), cheese with truffle or walnuts. Our Pecorino di Fossa, matured in Fosse di Sogliano al Rubicone.

Our Tartufo Nero Pregiato di Norcia (Melanosporum Vittadini), the Norcia Black truffle, an outstanding product of our gastronomy, just as good as the famous Bianco di Alba. The Castelluccio di Norcia Small lentils, that come in different colors, tender and tasty, grown at 1258 mt. above sea level. The Monteleone emmer wheat; and ancient breed found in the Egyptian Pyramids, now grown for the most demanding taste in the third millennium. There are many other products that give their best in the Norcia region, and become excellence through the accurate processing procedures.

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