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Garantiti e serviti
On line sales are considered as postal sales. The law imposes additional consumer guarantees, related to diritto di recesso (D. Lgs. 15/01/92, nr. 50). Here at Norcia Food we decided we will not just respect the law, we will go further.

Guarantee by Law Norcia Food Total Guarantee
The Client may change his mind no later than 7 days after ordering A Norcia Food Client may change his mind anytime
The Client that changes his mind has to send a registered letter at his expense A Norcia Food Client may notify us via telephone, fax or e-mail
The Client has to ship back the products at his expense It will be us from Norcia food picking up the products from the client
If the Client is unsatisfied with the product, he has to proof there was a manufacturing fault If a Norcia Food Client is unsatisfied with the product, he just has to notify us. If he wishes so, we will replace or reimburse the product
The Client has to ship back the products in their original packaging A Norcia Food Client doesn’t have to ship anything, we will pick up the products to be replaced.
Moral: the Client can do no harm Moral: if you don’t want a bad action to be discovered, don’t do it! (My father Amedeo)

Norcia Food accepts Credit card payment through the “Banca Sella” Secure System (it is the easiest and safest payment), by check, bank transfer or Italian Post .

We do not use payment on delivery because, no matter what delivery service we use, they charge an extra of 5 to 7 euro.

When you pay on delivery, you pay all those extra costs!

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